Filing and publishing for one flat rate

How It Works

In just 3 easy steps (and usually in 24 hours!) the NY LLC Company will have your business up and running anywhere in New York State.

First, tell us about your new company.
We’ll need a few simple pieces of info about your company such as the name, county of business, and organizer.

Second, we prepare and process all the necessary documents.
We charge just one all-inclusive flat rate for all the requirements including filing and publishing your new LLC!

Third, you’re in business!
That’s it… Once the Department of State has accepted your Articles of Organization (usually within 24 hours) you can do business as your newly formed LLC!

There is no need to wait for any other step to be completed. Once those articles are filed and accepted, you’re set to begin doing business under your new name. Customers can log into their account to confirm the status of their LLC, including the filing date.

And while you’re out there making a name for yourself, we’re still hard at work for you ensuring that your Notice of Formation is published in accordance with the New York State LLC Law.

    Included in your one-time flat-rate payment are:
  • all the filing costs for expedited filing;
  • a certified copy of your Articles of Organization;
  • all the publishing costs;
  • the affidavits of publication;
  • the filing of the certificate of publication;
  • and our fee.
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You tell us about your new LLC.


We do all the necessary paperwork and newspaper publications.


You‘re in business!


  • Over the past 8 years of my practicing in New York City, I have used Bill Mannion for filing all of my LLCs and will continue to do so. The reasons are many, but primarily I find him highly professional and efficient. His knowledge of LLC’s has helped my various questions regarding them, and he is accessible whenever I have needed him.

    Steve A., Attorney, New York, NY

  • I have known the members of the NY LLC Company for many years, and have been extremely pleased with their work in forming my LLC’s. So if you are looking for a super LLC experience- call the NY LLC Company .

    Steven L. Einig, Esq.,NYC Attorney

  • Many thanks to the NY LLC Company for filing my new LLC. Your website and staff made everything so simple, including getting the notices published. I’ll be sure to use you every time!!!

    Marc J., Entrepreneur, Westchester, NY

  • I haven’t found any other filing company who could efficiently file and publish my LLC for one low rate. And knowing the cost upfront was an added bonus. Thanks, NY LLC Company, for getting me started… it was so easy

    Jackie P, New Business Owner, Garden City, NY

  • Thank you, NY LLC Company, for making it simple! You put all those time-consuming steps into one stress-free order… THANK YOU

    Adrian B., Business Owner,Monroe County, NY

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