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Q: What if my desired LLC name is not available?
A: As soon as your order is complete, we will quickly confirm that your desired LLC name is in fact available. If we discover that another LLC is using the same name we will contact you right away. The NY LLC Company will gladly work with you until we find the one you want.
Q: At what point after you file my LLC can I start doing business?
A:As soon as your Articles of Organization have been accepted by the Secretary of State (usually within 24 hours after we process your order) you are an official LLC in New York State permitted to begin doing business. But don’t forget—you still have to publish.
Q: Why do I have to publish my LLC?
A: The New York State LLC Law mandates that all newly formed LLCs publish a “Notice of Formation.” If you don’t publish, your business can be suspended by the Secretary of State. Also, not publishing your LLC will eliminate the personal protection that the LLC Law gives individuals and partnerships operating under this type of business entity.
Q: Can the newspaper publication for my new LLC contain marketing or other business communication information?
A: No. The form and language of the newspaper publication (often referred to as a Public Notice) is spelled out in the LLC Law which requires that a specific set of information be present in the notice. If the notice has anything other than the required information, the state may reject it. The purpose of this public notice is to comply with the statue and complete the filing process so your business will be allowed the limited liability protection the law provides. It should not be confused this with commercial advertising of your new business.
Q: Does the NY LLC Company choose the newspapers used for publication?
A: No. The law instructs the County Clerk to designate one daily and one weekly paper. Both will be newspapers in the county where you have filed to do business. As part of our service we obtain the official designations from the County Clerk. After submitting your order we promptly begin the process.
Q: How is the county in which I publish determined?
A: When you place your order we will ask for the county in which the principal office of the limited liability company is to be located. According to LLC Law this is the county where the newspaper publications must appear.
Q: Is a Registered Agent required by the LLC Law?
A: All businesses are free to use their own address as the registered agent address (or the address within or without the state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the limited liability company.) There are, however, several reasons why a business might choose a Registered Agent Service. Some business owners prefer to keep their personal information private. Others choose a Registered Agent Service in lieu of including their home office address on the Articles of Organization. Choosing a Registered Agent to forward official mail to the business owner is a personal preference. The NY LLC Company offers this service.
Q: Do I need a service to obtain my Federal EIN?
A: Obtaining your own EID is easy to do without giving away your private personal information such as your social security number.
Q: What should I consider when choosing and filing my LLC name with the NY LLC Company?
Q: Can I give you more than one name choice?
Q: What happens if my LLC name choice is not accepted by the NYSS?
Q: Do you offer expedited handling?
Q: I need to make a change to Articles of Organization that have already been filed. Can the NY LCC Company help me with that?

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    Steve A., Attorney, New York, NY

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    Steven L. Einig, Esq.,NYC Attorney

  • Many thanks to the NY LLC Company for filing my new LLC. Your website and staff made everything so simple, including getting the notices published. I’ll be sure to use you every time!!!

    Marc J., Entrepreneur, Westchester, NY

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    Jackie P, New Business Owner, Garden City, NY

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